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We offer a professional conversion service for the following formats

Conversion of Microfiche: Microfiche can be converted to the commonly used PDF and TIFF formats. These can be indexed to your requirements for easy retrieval. We can convert up to 50,000 images per day using Wicks and Wilson FS300 ScanStaion scanners.

Conversion of 16mm and 35mm Microfilm: These microfilm formats can be converted to PDF or TIFF formats. We can also convert your drawings from 35mm film to a format that can be used in AutoCad, saving an expensive redraw.

Conversion of 35mm Aperture Cards: Drawings stored on 35mm aperture cards can be converted to PDF, TIFF or for AutoCad formats.

Conversion of 70mm and Half Plate Negatives: If your company still have drawings in this format and can no longer view them, B A M can convert them to the format of your choice.

Conversion of Photographic Negatives: B A M have the expertise to convert your black and white or colour negatives to digital format. We can also convert your colour or black and white slides.

Conversion of Old Photographs: Weather you have sepia, black and white or colour photographs we can make these into digital images you can email, store or print on your computer. We can even edit and repair cracks, creases and other damage to your old photographs.

Conversion of Video Tape to Digital: Those old family movies on video tape can be converted to digital images, these can then be watched on any DVD player. Old video tape will deteriorate with time and could become brittle and snap, get then converted now so as not to lose these valuable images of your family.

Conversion of Audio Tape to Digital: Do you have old audio tapes that you recorded? These can also be converted to digital format, we can convert cassettes or reel to reel tapes. So if you recorded your children singing when they were small, or maybe you recorded your parents, have these tapes converted now. We can even use these as soundtracks to go with your photographs. The options are many!

To find out more email us: or telephone: +44(0)1206 797040.

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