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Digital work now forms the major part of our day to day work. We constantly convert high volumes of paper to electronic format, for ease of retrieval and space saving. These images can be stored on CD, DVD or client servers to be quickly viewed, printed or emailed. Conversion is quick, simple and inexpensive. The time saved not having to look for lost documents will pay for your scanning over, and over again.

Some clients are now wanting to convert their microfilm and microfiche. This is usually when there microfilm reader/printer breaks down, or needs major servicing. The cost of repair or replacement, being very expensive, is better used being put to part paying for converting to digital. Once converted you do not need any special equipment, as microfilm and microfiche does, you just use your existing computer system. Nothing special is needed. We have been converting microfilm and microfiche for many years, and can smoothly convert your analogue images to digital.

Old Photographs, negatives, slides and magnetic tape be it reel to reel or cassette can all be enhanced and converted to digital format.

To find out more email us: or telephone: +44(0)1206 797040.

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