Document Scanning

Kodak Scanner

Our scanning bureau uses the latest high end scanners and software to capture the best quality digital images from your documents.
Even poor quality, faded originals can be improved upon.

To maintain security of your documentation, we will collect your documents from you using our own vehicle, and each box will be labelled with your company details and a unique number. They are then taken directly to our secure scanning bureau for processing. We do not leave the vehicle unattended once your documents have been loaded.

The process of Digital Transformation is simple.

1. Document preparation is undertaken where staples and paperclips are removed, and any folded documents are unfolded.
2. We will scan and index the documents in the way that has been agreed, to either match your existing filing system, or to improve upon it. Should you require any documents while they are with us being digitised, we can scan and return these to you in minutes, once located. If you need the actual documents back this can be arranged.
3. After scanning each box is marked as ‘Completed’.
4. Once the documents are scanned the images are checked for quality and completeness.
5. The verified scans including a digital ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ are then transferred to a password encrypted USB flash card to be returned to you, along with your original documents.
6. If your documents are uploaded to a cloud storage system or server, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This is particularly relevant in the current situation with many people working remotely.

No matter how large, small or complex your digitisation project is,

B A Micrographics have the experience and expertise to complete the work to the agreed specification and standard.

Please contact us with your requirements either by our contact form or phone.