Microfiche Equipment

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Microfiche is a flat piece of film usually 105 x 148mm (4 x 6 inches) used mainly for A4 and A3 size documents, with between 98 to 270 images in grid format.
Some users of this type of microfiche were the automotive industry for parts catalogues, and banks for daily updates of customer bank accounts before digital.
There are also microfiche jackets, which benefit from being updateable unlike the flat film version. Standard microfiche jackets are the same size 105 x 148mm,
and made of two pieces of very thin clear plastic with five channels / pockets. 16mm microfilm strips are then inserted into the pockets giving a grid format.
One of the uses for this format was for keeping employee records updated, and was used by Local Goverment Authorities and company HR departments.
Record offices still use this format for many types of records due to its long lasting archival properties, approximately 500 years when stored correctly.

Many of the manufacturers of the past no longer make or support microfiche equipment, but there are still some who do, and B A Micrographics can help.
We can supply new or used microfiche equipment, provide all the necessary training, spares and service to guarantee the smooth running of your department.

We do still offer a professional microfiche service for those companies who do not want to purchase their own equipment. Please contact us for details.

No matter how large, small or complex your microfiche project is,

B A Micrographics have the experience and expertise to help you make the right choice.

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