Microfilm Equipment

George McCarthy Kodak Recordak Checkograph Recordak Kodak Alaris Kodak Kodak Alaris

Microfilm dates back to 1839, but in 1925 a New York City banker, George McCarthy was granted a patent for his 'Checkograph Machine' (above left).
This was designed to make permanent film copies of bank records, and was really the first viable commercial use of microfilm. In 1928 Kodak bought this invention and began to market it under Kodak's Recordak Division. There have been many manufacturers of microfilm equipment since 1928, but sadly many of them are no longer making or supporting microfilm equipment, as it has limited use or attraction in today's digital world.

There are still some applications suited to microfilm, and if yours is one of them, B A Micrographics can supply new or used microfilm equipment.
We can advise on what will be required to make your microfilm department run smoothly, and provide all the necessary training, spares and service.

We do still offer a professional microfilming service for those companies who do not want to purchase their own equipment. Please contact us for details.

No matter how large, small or complex your microfilming project is,

B A Micrographics have the experience and expertise to help you make the right choice.

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