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Microfilm is still the cheapest and most secure way of storing large quantities of documents or drawings that you have a legal requirement to keep. Stored correctly modern microfilm can last for 400 years, this is especially important if you want to have a secure copy of old, unique and valuable documents, manuscripts, books or drawings. We are experts in this field and have be photographing this type of work since 1981.

Documents are usually filmed onto 16mm roll film with approximately 2500 images per roll. These can be duplicated and then stored at different locations for security.

Manuscripts, books and drawings are usually filmed on 35mm film for better resolution. A 35mm roll of film will have approximately 500 images. Again this can be duplicated for security.

Once you have something microfilmed, you have no worries about changing technology, as you will always be able to view it.

Some look on microfilm as "Old Technology", it is a stable, proven technology.

The nature of microfilming work insists that we maintain a high regard for security, both of the original material itself and for the information that it carries. B A Micrographics are constantly involved in handling unique, valuable and confidential documents, and we are ever mindful of our responsibilities and the trust that is placed in us. All staff are required to sign a confidentiality form when their employment commences.

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