Microfilm Scanning

Wicks and Wilson 8800 35mm - 16mm Microfilm Scanner

B A Micrographics have converted millions of microfilm images to digital format since 1990, using the latest technology to produce the best possible images.

We can convert any type of microfilm including 16mm roll film, 35mm roll film and 35mm aperture cards.

Please use the dropdown menu above for details of the service offered for each of these formats.

Below is a description of the different microfilm formats.

35mm Microfilm Aperture Card 35mm aperture cards are used mainly for engineering drawings, and architectural plans.
Each aperture card usually has one 35mm microfilm mounted into it, and an identifiying index typed on, or punched into the card for ease of retrieval.

35mm Microfilm Reel 35mm microfilm reels are used for engineering drawings, architectural plans, rare books, manuscripts or anything that requires the high resolution quality that 35mm microfilm gives.
Each 30.5m 35mm roll of film will have approximatley 600 images. This figure is sometimes higher when books and manuscripts are microfilmed, and the camera frame size has been adjusted to a smaller size. This is a common practice carried out by Record Offices and Archives.

16mm Microfilm Reel 16mm microfilm reels are used for any type of documentation up A3 size. Each 30.5m roll of 16mm microfilm will have approximately 2500 images.

No matter how large, small or complex your digitisation project is,

B A Micrographics have the experience and expertise to complete the work to the agreed specification and standard.

Please contact us with your requirements either by our contact form or phone.