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B A M offer the following scanning services.

Scanning of documentation: Documents from as small as bus tickets to as large as A3 can be scanned in mono or colour to any format.

Scanning of Drawings: Drawings from A6 to A0 can be scanned in mono or colour to any format.

Scanning of Newspapers: Newspapers can be scanned in mono or colour to any format.

Scanning of Rare Books or Manuscripts: We have be handling rare books, documents and manuscripts for many years. These can be digitised without contact with, or damage to the document.

Scanning of Microfilm: We are able to scan 16mm or 35mm microfilm rolls. You may have just a few images, or you may have millions of images to be scanned, we have the equipment to handle any volume.. These can be scanned to the format of your choice.

Scanning of Microfiche: We use Wicks and Wilson FS300 Scanstation to scan your microfiche to digital images, and can scan up to 50,000 images per day.

Scanning of 35mm Aperture Cards: We use Wicks and Wilson Scanstation to scan drawings that are held on 35mm aperture cards, these can be in a format that can be imported in AutoCad.

Scanning of 70mm and Half Plate Negatives: We can scan your 70mm and half plate negatives to digital format that can be imported into AutoCad.

The nature of scanning work insists that we maintain a high regard for security, both of the original material itself and for the information that it carries. B A Micrographics are constantly involved in handling unique, valuable and confidential documents, and we are ever mindful of our responsibilities and the trust that is placed in us. All staff are required to sign a confidentiality form when their employment commences.

To find out more email us: or telephone: +44(0)1206 797040

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